File Transfer Utility
  1. Fill in your email address.
  2. Fill in the recipient's email address. Use the "+" to add up to 4 additional recipients. Either the recipient or sender must have an active GES email address for the file transfer to work.
  3. Add any comments that you may wish to include about the file transfer and hit the "Next >>" button.
  4. Click the browse button and navigate within your computer to find the file(s) you wish to transfer to the recipient. Add the file(s) individually. To improve file transfer speeds, please compress your files before transferring them in .zip, .sit or .sea formats. This site will not accept .sitx formats. WinZIP and Stuffit are examples of appropriate applications to use to compress files prior to uploading.
  5. Click the "Upload" button. You should then see your browser attempting to transfer the file via the progress bar. It will take some time if this is a large file. You can still use your computer to do other things. Do not close the browser or cancel the transfer until notified the upload is complete.
  6. When the transfer is complete, the screen will change slightly and you will see a message stating that the "Upload completed successfully." You should receive an email confirming that you sent your file and to whom that file was sent. That email will also include a link to the file for download. Please forward the link to any other individuals that may need to download this file.
  7. The recipient(s) will receive an email notification that you have uploaded a file for them and it will provide a link to download the file.
Step 1 - User and Recipient Information
Your Email Address:
Recipient Email Address: